The Collector’s View: Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Bucherer Edition

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When Tudor re-introduced the Heritage Black Bay in 2012, it took the market by storm. Proud heritage and a well made timepiece all for under US$3,000 list. The first was the burgundy coloured bezel, followed by the blue (2014) and then the black (2015). And for 2016, the Black Bay Bronze. 



The entire Black Bay collection met with great reception – long waiting queue and then before you know it, the blue was introduced followed by the black. All this while, I had procrastinated about getting one of them Heritage Black Bay – which one? I like the burgundy and the blue – not so much the black. But somehow, the combination was just “not right”. Then came the Black Bay Bronze! Wow! Another winner from Tudor, love it more than the steel version. Busy I was with work that I did not have the opportunity to see the piece in metal… But when Bucherer teamed up with Tudor and released the Tudor Black Bay Bronze Blue, this is one piece I wasn’t going to let slip… Blue bezel, blue dial, bronze case, what is there not to like about this piece?

(Editor’s note: along the way, Tudor introduced the Black Bay Dark, the Black Bay Steel, the Black Bay Steel and Gold (also chosen by David Bechham) as well as a smaller version the Black Bay 36.)



As rare as it gets, this version as you may know is released to celebrate Bucherer’s 130th Anniversary in 2018. Lucerne based Bucherer is one of the oldest and largest watch retailer in Europe. And what a way to commemorate this occasion. The Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue is the perfect timepiece – blue being the corporate colour of Bucherer.

I have not been so mesmerised by a timepiece for quite a while but when I saw this, I knew I had to find a way to get it – and get it I did, through a good friend who lives in Switzerland. Fast forward to me getting the timepiece, the actual piece is as stunning as all the press photos and reports.


Bronze case – check. Domed sapphire crystal – check.


Big crown – check.



Snowflake hands– check.



The details on the Black Bay makes the timepiece a great value proposition. The raised indices, the hands and the brushed inner case gives the timepiece that luxurious feel. At list price of CHF3,800 inclusive of VAT, this is a great buy.


The blue and bronze NATO strap.


The timepiece comes with a blue NATO strap with a bronze strip down the centre and also a distressed brown leather strap.

On the wrist, the timepiece has presence and for the blue dial lovers, this is one you MUST have. The richness of the blue reminds me of the peacock blue – regal! If you are into blue, this is one you cannot miss.



What’s next? Witness the changing of the patina of the bronze case. So now I have a Tudor of my own – the Black Bay Bronze Blue, a mouthful to say the least.


On the wrist, the Tudor Black Bay Bronze Blue Bucherer Edition looks a magnificent example of the family.



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  1. oh no! This watch as well as this article were PERFECT and got me so excited… Until the last picture! Come on Tudor! Is not it supposed to be a tribute to the vintage elegance? This watch is way too big! Especially on this gentleman’s fragile wrist… Where is my 39mm version?